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“We can’t say enough about how amazing YPI is in helping to foster our future leaders in understanding the importance of giving back.” – Common Ground Co-operative

YPI is a simple premise with extraordinary results. With every grant awarded through our school-based competition, YPI channels financial resources, public awareness, and volunteers to local social service charities. 

Since 2002, YPI and our partners have granted millions to charities on behalf of these passionate young people. Together they have challenged stigma, changed behaviours, and introduced millions of Canadians to the work of thousands of charities.

Thank you for making room in your busy schedule to participate in YPI. It makes a world of difference. Learn more in our Charity Impact Report.

See what students across Canada are saying! We've gathered some of their feedback by region below. 

What's behind every YPI grant?

We are honoured to contribute financially to the vital charities chosen by youth across Canada. We are proud that, by the time a YPI grant is awarded to a local charity, an immense amount of social impact has already happened. We want to recognize this, and especially thank the students, teachers, and ‪‎charity‬ professionals who are growing compassionate communities.

In our brand new Tumblr blog, we're documenting every YPI school's final, every charity that is represented, as well as the cascading impact created by everyone involved in the project. Check it out and see the results behind every YPI grant.

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The process

What is YPI and why are students choosing our charity to contact?

For a local grassroots charity, YPI provides an unprecedented opportunity for your organization to be advocated for on behalf of informed and engaged students from the same community in which you operate. The students who have contacted you are participating in a “co-opetition” as part of their school curriculum, for which they have identified your charity as carrying out important work that benefits people living in your shared community. These students are hoping to visit your charity, learn more about you, and then advocate for the work you do in hopes of securing your organization a $5000 YPI grant!

Why does YPI want students to visit our charity?

YPI is powerful for students because it connects them to real issues affecting their communities, and the charity visit is a key part of this. It opens students’ eyes and minds to the needs of vulnerable people living around them and the vital work being done to help. The YPI charity visit has the potential to unlock a powerful connection, one that will often fuel students’ passion and determination to make the most of their YPI experience and work even harder to advocate on behalf of your organization.

What happens after the students visit us?

Students will develop a presentation to be delivered in their classroom advocating on behalf of your charity. The top presentations from each class will go on to participate in a YPI final at their school, where one group will secure a $5000 grant for their chosen charity (that could be you!). Outside of their YPI experience, students may choose to stay involved with your charity, whether as volunteers, youth advisors, fundraisers, or in other capacities.

What happens after the students visit us?

If their chosen charity is selected as the recipient of a YPI grant, students will most often notify the charity by phone immediately following their school’s YPI final, or shortly thereafter. We always prefer YPI students to be the bearers of this good news, but if they are unable, your charity will be notified by a YPI representative.

How can my charity get the most out of the YPI program?

Your passion and dedication is contagious. The more you passionately you share what you do and how you do it, the greater the impact it will have on the YPI students who visit and advocate on your behalf. Whether you secure a grant or not, YPI offers an unprecedented opportunity to influence young people in developing empathy and discovering the needs of their community, and how they can get involved.

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YPI can help your organization accomplish its goals. Check out our 
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Here are the key stages of participating in YPI:


Every YPI team tells an average of 50 people about their chosen charity and the social issue it addresses.


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