What Do You Value?



Have you ever thought about what you value? This is a great way to understand who you are and what kind of impact you want to have on the people around you. The words you speak and the actions you take can have an impact on yourself and your community. What kind of community will your values help create?


How to use the YPI Values Tree

The goal of the online YPI Values Tree is to find out what your personal values are. Out of 25 descriptive statements, you will choose the three that you feel are the most important, and the three that you feel are the least important to you. Your set of personal values will be revealed at the end of the exercise.


1. Click on the “YPI Values Tree” icon in the Student section of www.goypi.org to start the activity.

2. Scroll over the statements and take some time to reflect on each one, considering what the statements mean to your life.

3. Choose the three statements that are most important to you, and choose the three statements that are least important to you

4. Changed your mind? Clicking on the X will send the statement back to the pile. You may take time to switch your choices until you are happy to submit them.

5. After you submit your choices, you will discover the names of the three values that are the most important to you, and the three that are the least important to you.

6. Now, scrolling over the values in the roots of the tree reveals their matching statements.

7. Do you agree with the personal values that the YPI Values Tree suggests for you? Share your results with a classmate: what are the similarities? What are the differences? Would you define these values in a different way? How so?

8. Upon reflection, you may decide to go back to the activity and change your selections.
9. Use the student worksheet on Appendix C to record your set of personal values.

10. Go back to the YPI Values Tree every so often. Keep a record of your results, and you will be able to see if your values are changing over time.