Welcome to YPI - Students

The Welcome to YPI - Students video is a classroom-ready resource, designed to be shown to students as a way to introduce and explain the fundamentals of the program.


YPI, The Experience

Check out this video and experience YPI.


YPI - One

One person is all it takes. One for all and all for one.



Our most recent video, produced to celebrate 10 years of YPI! Check out interviews with students, teachers and our founders for how YPI runs today.


This is YPI (Scotland)

See how YPI is operating in the UK!




Learn about being a YPI team.


Choosing a Local Charity

How to choose a charity.


Making Your Charity Visit

Some tips on questions and how to prepare for visiting your charity.


Presentation Preparation

Tips on how to prepare for your YPI presentation.


Presentation Passion

Show your passion!


Presentation Creativity

Think outside the creative!


Manor High Case Study

An amazing success story from Manor High School.