Give a Great Presentation

YPI Speak Out!

The YPI Speak Out video provides students with ten tips for creating stellar presentations.

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Create stellar presentations! Follow these 10 tips to ensure you give the best presentation you can:

1.  Research: You need to know what you’re talking about. Ask questions about the history, objectives, impact, and future goals of the charity. Know how funding will affect future goals and relate it back to your presentation. **Here are some great tips from the ONN for How To Communicate Charity Impact Powerfully.

2.  Be compassionate: Show you care, speak from your heart and convince the audience why the charity is deserving of their support.

3.  Tell a story: Everyone loves a good story! Personal stories lend credibility and further involve your audience.

4.  Speak clearly and confidently: Make sure your message is heard and understood by everyone in the room. Don’t be shy, and speak with authority and conviction.

5.  Maintain eye contact and good body posture: Look your audience in the eye and talk to them as if they are the only person in the room. Stand straight, and keep the audience involved at all times.

6.  Be creative: Add a skit, recite poetry, sing a song, or perform some music to add some entertainment and further engages your audience.

7.  Use Audio visual aids: Reinforce what you have to say using visual images and text through power point. Remember, to be creative and mix it up using videos as well as power point.

8.  Have a logical flow of ideas: You only have a certain amount of time, so use it wisely by having a sensible order of topics that segue way easily into each other. Watch your pacing to ensure you do not go over your allotted time.

9.  Involve the entire group: Make sure everyone contributes to the presentation and the work that goes behind it. When in front of the audience, balance the time with each group member to convey unity with the team, and unity in representing your charity.

10.  Practice: It’s essential that you rehearse your presentation several times before the big day. This not only helps your timing, pacing and recall, but also instills more confidence in your presenters.

Make sure that you stay within the time ten minute limit. There is a 2 point deduction for every minute you go over!