Why YPI?


Because students care.


Teenagers only care about youtube and snapchat, right? Think again. Ask any YPI student and they'll tell you that helping others in their community matters to them. Young people have great energy, they just need the right opportunity to put it into action. Because schools are such busy places, these opportunities can slip by. This is where YPI comes in. Not only does it give students an education they can't find elsewhere, it does this within a classroom setting. YPI engages students within their community and develops teamwork, communication, research and presentation skills. What do people in a student's local community really need? YPI doesn't tell young people the answer to this question. It empowers them to find it for themselves. Those invaluable lessons keep students and teachers coming back for more.

"I loved the program, it was amazing, and never thought that so many schools were participating in it. So many people are involved! We have impacted on so many lives. It's mind-blowing!"
YPI Student - Toronto, Canada


And because teachers care.

Teachers are on the front lines of education and they demonstrate a strong commitment to YPI. They give of their time and energy to ensure that students get what they need to be successful. YPI teachers care about this initiative and teach it in their classrooms year after year. What inspires them? They tell us that participation in YPI is transformative for their students and professionally rewarding. YPI provides students with practical and tangible lessons in active citizenship. The benefits of being able to emotionally engage students and to cultivate their desire to change their community for the better are invaluable.

"The Toskan Casale Foundation's Youth and Philanthropy Initiative has created a sense of excitement in our classes. By researching grassroots charities, our students are learning that they can make a difference through important community initiatives. The additional curriculum focus on finances, ethics, and accountability helps students realize the importance of giving to the community while improving their understanding of the charitable sector."
-Director of Admissions and Teacher, St. Clements School

And because charities care.

Society would be in serious trouble without the support charities provide to local communities. What would the face of hunger, homelessness, or violence look like without intervention from charity workers? As charities work to support those in need, the resources at their disposal are shrinking.

Being chosen as a YPI charity by a student group doesn't just mean the potential to win a grant; it means awareness. It means a new group of people who will know about their cause, about the challenges faced by these charities and their clients and about how the average person can help. To receive a YPI grant is a bonus; the real prize is the relationship that develops between charities and students. Of course charities care - they're in the business of caring and they deserve all the support they can get.

See our list of charities who participate in YPI.


"Thank you for involving so many youth in making a difference in their community and providing them with the training to continue to make a difference."
Charity Rep, Canada